Our story

We are Anuar Abdala (Arquitect) and Liliana Zapata (Industrial Designer), parents of two wonderful kids. Playing educational games with our children has been a common practice in our family for years.

As a result, we have a wonderful communication and relationship with them, while they have gained insights and abilities that made them first in their school classes without any pressure on our part. They show great interest in learning and getting ahead not for competition but for conviction. 

When we came across robotics with DBP robotics programs, we realized that these where of great help to increase their creative thinking (key to effective learning), innovation, communication and team working skills. The interest showed by other children that visited us (and their parents) on the possibility that we could incorporate them in our games, led us to think of the

possibilities of getting organized to offer this robotic programs to other children in the community. As of today D.B.P. ROBOTICS CORP, is a company that has all legal and insurance requirements. Our Programs (Robotic design, building and programming for children), have already been offered and carried out in Schools, Civic Education and Recreational Institutions in the Broward, Miami-Dade, and West Palm Beach area and we are planning to expand our coverage to neighboring counties.

Our goals


Activities based on construction and problem solving allow children to learn, not only by listening, reading, or writing, but also by using their body-kinesthetic and spatial intelligence.  This process increases children’s ability to comprehend the material. 


We believe that a “hands on” approach to learning helps children to be better qualified to meet the challenges of the future society – a future where innovation, originality, and the ability to work with others will be key competitive parameters.


The program is designed to teach children the importance of planning ahead to accomplish a specific task. Children will be able to take a concept, build it, program it, and put it to work from beginning to end.