Machine Designer

(Rube Goldberg Machine)

A Rube Goldberg Machine is a fun and challenging way of building series of structures that uses a number of whimsical, counter-intuitive steps to accomplish a simple task - the perfect way to learn physics and engineering concepts. In order to make the entire creation work, each of the machine’s steps must be as efficient as possible taking into account various physics principles, such as action-reaction, gravity force, and more.
Participants gain the following hands-on engineering experience by building a Rube Goldberg machine: Hands-on experience using tools to construct complicated machines, creative problem solving and teamwork, and enriching social activities.


Ages: 8 to 15



Lego Machines

Experience amazing activities filled with excitement while learning basic static structures used in robotics by applying fundamental math and science concepts. Kids enjoy playing and learning as they immerse themselves in the wonders of pneumatics, sensors and motors as well as renewable energy systems, reaching an understanding of their functions. Kids will compete with their robots in mini team competitions and demonstrate their projects to the parents. Best of all, they get to make their own robotics creations.


Ages: 5 to 12