Roboparties: We bring the fun to your place!

Kids love robotics! We’ll love to have the chance to celebrate a great Birthday Roboparty with your kids. And the best of all is that we’ll be in charge of entertaining your guests. We’ll bring all the equipment they need to build and program robots. We’ll be working with 1 robot and 1 computer per                                 each two kids. 

                             Participants will spend the first minutes following on-screen instructions to                                build our robots with actual pieces from our robotics kits. Then, working in                                pairs, children are guided step by step on how to program their robot to                                  perform precise movements as well as how to operate rotation sensors. All                               teams will have enough time left to play with the robots after programming!                             Some kids will be happy to play with them as they are; others will want to                              improvise on the design or the program to make their robots do different                               things. Either way, they’ll have a blast!


  • A well lit indoor area. (Garages and lounge rooms work fine)

  • One or two tables.

  • Electrical power plugs.

  • At least 20 minutes for setup and pack up.

Choose the size of your RoboParty:









2 Hours


2 Hours



Up to 12


Up to 20






Additional kid


$350 (up to 18)


$620 (up to 40)






Zoo Roboparty

Create a fantastic zoo world using thousands of pieces and bring your creatures to life. This party is recommended for kids 4 to 7 years old.

Zumo challenge

Kids design and build their robots and face them in a Zumo Ring. The robot remaining into the square, wins the match. This party is recommended for kids 6 to 12 years old.

Super Dragster race


RACE children build a three

motor dragster. The

children work in teams as

their own “Pit Crew”. Each

Pit Crew pre-runs their dragster, gathers data, and takes it back to their pit to make adjustments.  The goal is to make your tuned up dragster faster before the final race. This party is recommended for kids 6 to 12 years old.


Stop Motion Animation

Create an amazing and creating

movie. Choose your characters

and setting, and use your

voices to add music and sound

effects. Party will finish

viewing all the movies. Parents are welcome to bring a flash drive so they can take home a copy of the movies done that day. The finished movies are also e-mailed. This party is recommended for kids 8 to 12 years old.



Special  baskets are placed

in the ROBOBASKET table field

so kids can try different

attachments to throw the ball

to score. Robot base is made following instructions in the computers and finally kids have to design and try different mechanisms and motors to throw the ball. Score board keeps point tracking for each couple of participating kids. This party is recommended for kids 6 to 12 years old.



9 mini-golf holes are ready to

be played by all kids in the

MINIGOLF party. Golf robots

are made following easy

instructions in the computer and then we can try to beat the whole shoot record. Children work in groups of two as they design, build and try different arms to hit the ball. This party is recommended for kids 4 to 8 years old.