Home School Activities

DBP Robotics makes special personalized programs for home scholars. These programs are designed and run according to children needs and can be orientated to specific themes as Renewal energy, Recycling, Human Body and many other options to teach kids about different topics through the use of computers and robots.

These programs can be run in communal livings, libraries, homes, or any place that allow DBP Robotics to make the basic set up.

Hotel Recreation Activities

As an extra benefit for guests, hotels may offer robotic activities for kids while parents enjoy the other amenities of the hotel or around the city. Club membership activities may include robotics for kids too. 

The hotel provides a closed space with tables and chairs. DBP robotics supplies computers, special building pieces and friendly programming software for the kids to develop STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) and social skills while working in pairs during two hours. They watch an instructional video, build their robot, program it and play with it. 

Private classes

Private classes are designed and ran upon request; they include individual classes, small group classes (up to 4 kids), and classes for kids with special needs.

Elective classes for middle school

We offer 3-months modules for 6th, 7th and 8th grades along the school year. We develop programs that include robotics in different levels, such as pneumatic power, renewable energy, and others. Other programs include Stop Motion Animation (movie making software), Video Games Design, and Rube Goldberg Machines.

These programs are available for groups up to 24 kids, and we manage a coach ratio 1 to 12, providing all the materials needed to develop an awesome and fantastic class. The school just provides a classroom with tables and chairs.

Club houses and condos

Enjoy your weekends with your partner while we take fun, tech and knowledge for your kids to your place. Club houses can host a Robotics activity for the kids in the community. As a drop-off activity, we offer 2 hours of building and programming robots. Kids work in small groups according to their skills level and age. We can attend up to 24 kids from 4 to 12 years old. 

Daddy and me

Mommy and me

Private groups

Special activities

We can come over to you! Your child can have any time, with any group, an amazing

Robot session. We will be in charge of introducing them to the robotics world while

having fun learning basic structures and sub-systems such as motion, control,

logic, sensors, power, and equipment used in robotics by applying the

fundamentals of math and science concepts.