Tech Workshop Camp

The tech workshop camp is a specialized a kit that covers a segment four consecutive weeks and is comprised of the following five themes:



Every week we present basic concepts of electronics by performing activities such as controlling systems of light energy, motors, alarms, signs and other mechanisms. Campers have the amazing opportunity to create a game that they can take home to share with their friends and family.

Simple Machines

We build systems called "simple machines" using specialized components which by then we will learn basic mechanical concepts such as levers, pulleys, wheels and axles. Additionally, we learn about potential, frictional and normal forces.


In this program we will be building two types of robots.
With the first robot build, we will be applying the electrical and mechanical concepts that we learned from the previous weeks using specialized components.
Once completed, the robots will be programmed to execute specified assignments/missions.
The second robot is build with different materials with the added perk that is yours to keep at the end of the week.

Computer Science

This is a complex theme, but the concepts are simplified to be learned as they play. For this program, we will be building our very own computers, which then we will use to make simple experiments to program electrical systems. The experiments range from turning lights on and off using timers, to programming alarms.
Campers will be able to make manifest what you design and use the computer to program them in computer science.

Game Design

With a predefined coding language, you will be learning how to make your very own video games. The end task will be to build a board game that is similar to the one designed in the computer so that you can take it home to play with your family.